Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Opening Your Swimming Pool

Spring is officially here!  This means swimming season is quickly approaching.

What steps do you take when opening your swimming pool for the spring and summer season?

Do you have a cover on your pool?  You will either have a waterbag cover or a safety cover.

If you have a waterbag cover, you will need to drain the water off of the top of the cover and empty the water bags.  Before removing the cover, be sure to remove any debris.  You can drain the water off of the cover by using a sump pump.  Once the cover is removed, remember to clean the cover and lay the cover out to dry to prevent mildew during storage.

If you have a safety cover, you will need to drain the water off the top of the cover using a sump pump and clean off any debris before removing the cover.  You don't want to allow any debris to get into the water. You will use the special tool that came with your cover to unhook the cover from the deck anchors.  This normally takes 2 people.

Once the cover is removed........

You will need to reinstall all ladders and handrails in the deck.

You will need to remove the plugs and reinstall all of the fittings in the pool.

Add water to bring the water back up to a normal operating level, about 1/2 way up the waterline tile.

Start your equipment and let the system run for 24 hours for the first three days.

Set your timer for summer hours.  We suggest running the equipment about 8 hours a day.

Balance the water chemistry and monitor the water chemistry for about five days until the water stabalizes.

We will address a "green" pool in our next blog post. 

Remember, don't wait too long to uncover your pool or the nice, clear water you have under your cover could change quickly because algae LOVES to grow in warm weather. 

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