Friday, April 26, 2013

How To Clean Up a Green Pool.......

Cleaning up a "green" swimming pool takes time, lots of patience and may cost you some money. 

Have no fear, Hilltop Pools is here to help!

Here are some helpful steps to clean up your green pool!

  • Begin by removing debris with a leaf net.  This step will make the water look worse temporarily.  Do not attempt to vacuum the pool if you cannot see the bottom or if you know you have lots of debris in the bottom of the pool.  You can damage your swimming pool system! 
  • Use liquid shock in your pool.  You will need to add about 3-4 gallons the first day.  If you do not see results overnight, add 3-4 gallons the next day.  You may have to do this step consecutive days in a row.  You cannot add TOO much shock to your pool. 
  • Adjust the pH and Alkalinity levels of the water using pH Plus, pH Minus and Alkalinity Plus. These levels must be within the proper ranges to help clear the water.  Make sure you begin this process when you begin shocking your pool.
  • You will need to run your filter 24 hours a day until the water clears up.  Also, running the filter at this rate will quickly clog the filter.  You will need to keep your filter clean by backwashing the pool about 4-5 times a day.  This will help the water clear much faster!
  • After the water is clear, remove the rest of the debris from the pool with your leaf net.  If you have small amounts of debris on the bottom of the pool, you can vacuum the pool.  If there is lots of debris on the bottom of the pool, we recommend you contact a pool servicing company to vacuum the pool.
  • Take a sample of your water to the local pool store and they will instruct you on what other components should be added to your pool to keep the water clear. 
If your pool does not clear up in about 5-7 days, you may be having filter problems.  We recommend having your filter checked by a pool serving company.

Happy Pool Cleaning!

Your Friends at Hilltop Pools.

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